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These secrets hold the key to dramatically lowering your score permanently in a short period of time (without having to practice or spend money on lessons)
I want to share with you the secrets (that all have ONE THING in common) that took me from a hopeless golfer with a huge slice to qualifying as a pro, shooting 68 & 65 to win my first pro tournament. 
My name is Jon Grant, I qualified as a pro and have been teaching full time for the past 33 years but my road to get there was a really rough ride and I think it will give you hope.
I was obsessed with Golf and knew I wanted to be a pro but as I said, I was a hopeless golfer with a huge slice
I tried everything, read all the books, tried all the tips and GOT WORSE
Inspired by watching Seve, I started to notice secrets that all good golfers used that I could model. 
It became my obsession to find every secret I possibly could that would improve my game, regardless of my ability (or my specific technique)
The best thing about these secrets is that they work for everyone, unlike most golf tips that work for very few!
 I had just started to discover the secrets...

Why the secrets work...(and what ONE THING they all have in common)

"There are many shots & strategies that will dramatically improve your golf & lower you score without having to change your technique"...
The ONE THING they all have in common is 'They will work regardless of your swing, your handicap or your ability - They work for everyone who uses them because they’re not based on that person's individual technique'.
"The other crucial thing to understand (which I learned by painful experience over the following years) is that 95% of tips, lessons and advice don’t apply to the person they’re given to"! 
This is why tips that are passed down from other players, Youtube tips etc etc are at best useless and at worst really damaging (even if the person giving the advice is a great golfer!!!!)

Ask yourself a couple of great questions...

  • What can I do to lower my score that isn’t reliant on my ability?
  • ​Do all of the top players do this thing I’m trying to model? (If they don’t, it’s probably not worth trying It)

Looking back I realised that…

  • Well meant advice can be really damaging (almost all tips are awful - ranging from useless to devastating).
  • The tips and swing changes I had tried to use in the past would never have worked.
  • They just didn’t apply to me and so, no matter how much effort I had put in, I would have either stood still or gotten worse.

After that I fell in love with teaching and have given an estimated 55 thousand lessons since, helping everyone I could to use these secrets

But it didn’t just work for me. I’m nobody special. Here are a few people who have used the secrets...

  • With the driver, I'm hitting It 50 yards further & better than before lessons - Steve Bonser
  • With Jon’s coaching I was able to eliminate my slice (something that no other coach has been able to do), drive 300 yards and reduce my handicap by 6 - Alistair from Clandon Golf.
  • With Jon’s help ,I was able to hit longer and straighter shots, improve my putting and generally develop confidence in my golf game, he is a great coach - Alexandra Nash from Worplesdon.

    Here Is a sneak peak of just some of the things you will get from this Video Masterclass...

    Is your practice swing good but your shot completely different? 

    This secret will change all that. 

    I’ve never heard this secret mentioned by anyone else and it is probably the most powerful secret I could share with you from 32 years of teaching & 55 thousand lessons. 

    It is the reason that most golfers play badly when they really want to play well.

    First way to eliminate the ‘thin’ pitch that shoots through the green and the duffed chip that destroys your confidence.

    Turn a bogey into a par, eliminate the destructive shots when you are near the green and just flat out reduce your score.

    Increase your distance by 10-30 yards and hit higher, straighter shots.

    Unless you do understand this, it will always hold you back.

    This is like taking the shackles off from every golfer I’ve explained it to. 

    It is the second most damaging myth I have come across In 40 years.

    You will feel uninhibited in your swing, possibly for the first time and hit the ball further & straighter (usually instantly).

    No more guessing.

    Discover why bad shots have happened and monitor the improvement with precision. 

    Instantly correct the destructive shots, have total confidence in your ball striking because of the ‘unquestionable evidence’ and hit the ball further through a better quality ball striking.

    Instantly get more shots on the green from bunkers with these two crucial secrets.

    It’s quite possible to get 95% of your bunkers shots on the green and hardly ever leave the ball in the bunker.

    Easy and free - the most powerful tool you can possibly imagine.

    Hole many more putts inside 15 feet and maybe some long ones too.

    Save lots of money on useless putting aids that don’t work. 

    Did I mention it was free?

    Become a master of judging distance on your putts & eliminate most 3 putts.

    This instantly works and will reduce your score.

    Make 3 putting a rare thing.

    You will get down in 2 putts even from long range.

    Simple but incredibly powerful way to ‘just see’ the way the green slopes and how much. 

    You will suddenly see the line where before it was a blur.

    All will become clear. 

    Works for everyone.

    Eliminate most of the destructive shots around the green. 

    No practice required - instant improvement.

    Second way to eliminate the ‘thin’ pitch that shoots through the green and the duffed chip that destroys your confidence which will save shots and increase your confidence.

    Learn how to judge distance on all short game shots & why your previous method wasn’t working for you.

    Applies on every shot that isn’t a full swing.

    From 5 yards to any distance.

    You will feel so much more confident because you will be using your instinct to judge distance instead of making it artificial and mechanical as most golfers mistakenly do.

    You will simply lower your scores without having to improve your ball striking once you understand this.

    So many more of your shots will finish nearer ‘Pin high’ than they ever used to from putts to fairway woods into the green.

    Avoid the multiple, complicated ‘rules’ that no one can remember anyway.

    Master sloping lies with these simple but powerful secrets.

    Your mind will be clear and you will step into these shots with total confidence because of these secrets. 

    Plus the one thing everyone misses out if you want to truly master them! 

    The most powerful question you will ever ask yourself on the golf course.

    (Cuts through all the mental chatter).

    In a flash, you will get your mind thinking of great shots but the difference is, this time you will believe it.

    Use these secrets that I’ve learned from watching the best in the world for 40 years (like Rory, Tiger, Seve & Faldo). 

    With these easy to use and understand techniques, you will dramatically reduce

    - Lost balls.
    - Unplayable lies.
    - ‘Short siding’ yourself.
    - And those awful times where you have taken four to get down from next to the green.

    The only foolproof way to pick the right club.

    (no luck required). 

    Rid yourself of that frustrating situation where you hit the best shot of the day and it goes in the water short or sails over the green into the trees.

    A simple, accurate way to gauge the wind with all shots.

    Even chipping, pitching and putting. 

    Finally, you will understand why you have misjudged the effects of the wind in the past.

    How to make shots from the rough & plugged lies in bunkers seem easy!

    You will realise that all your instincts before were hurting you and this changes everything.

    Be like ‘those’ golfers who make it appear effortless.

    I haven't seen anyone, in 40 years who couldn’t improve this skill. 

    Do this one simple thing, even a little better and you will hit the ball further, straighter and eliminate a lot of the those ‘awful’ shots.

    Accelerate your progress when practicing and self diagnose when you are on the course with this simple strategy. 

    Suddenly, you will know why the ball has gone offline and more importantly, you’ll know what to do to avoid it happening again!

    The most powerful tool of them all (if you use it!!).

    It allows you to hit better shots with every part of your game.

    Combine it with Secret no.1 and you may (for the first time) feel in control of improving your shots rather than it being a thing of chance.

    Very powerful method that achieves more in a few minutes than most do in ½ hour.

    Gets you ready to putt well from the very first green and avoid taking a few holes to get ‘in the swing’ or ‘get the speed of the greens’.

    Absolute foolproof way to reduce 3 putts and occasionally sneak a long one in. 

    Dramatically reduce three putts and always take advantage of good iron shots into the green.

    Amazing method of simplifying the way of ensuring a 2 putt.

    That is a lot of ways to lower your score and you won’t find these secrets anywhere else 

    But it gets better because you will also get 5 incredible bonuses..

    Click 'Get this now' to find out what they are (They include club fitting tricks that are used to make you buy clubs you don't need and a distance bonus to add 10-30 yards)

    All of this plus a 6 Month, Unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee  

    Try it, use it, use the bonuses and if you don’t think it’s great value, even if you’ve improved but not as much as you hoped, I will happily give you a full refund. 

    Get the first three secret videos (A full 20 minutes of coaching) here.........

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