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"With the driver, I'm hitting it 50 yards further & better than before my lessons with Jon

- Steve Bonser. Surrey
"My handicap has come down from 32 to 19 in the time I've had lessons with Jon...I have recommended him to lots of people"

- Jo Bonner. Woking

2 Bonus Surprise Secrets

Bonus #1

Club fitting secrets that you've never heard before

Bonus #2

The Few Golf Gadgets that really help

Bonus #3

How to get a huge discount on new golf equipment (and play free golf)

Bonus #4

Is your son or daughter a future star? Here is what it really takes for them to be a top golfer or even a pro - make or break secrets

Bonus #5

Distance bonus - Add 10-30 yards in a few weeks or even days without losing accuracy
"My handicap has come down from 36 to 23...I would recommend Jon if you want to improve your golf "

- Karen Young. Guildford
My handicap was 24, now 15 and Jon has helped me tremendously - 

- Graham Norris. Woking
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